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 Water dragon project

I am undertaking a survey of water dragons, sourcing and breeding, for my animal management course.
Please Answer the following questions. Alternatively i can email the questionnaire if you provide your email.
Thankyou very much

How many water dragons do you own?

How many water dragons have you owned in the past?

Are you planning to have more water dragons in the future?

Are your water dragons: (please tick)
Wild Caught Captive Bred Unknown

What is the gender ratio of your water dragon populations (living together)?
No of Males : No of Females

Have you ever attempted to breed your water dragons? Yes or No

Was the breeding successful?

Was the breeding Unsuccessful?

Where did the breeding go wrong?
Mating Laying Eggs Incubation Hatching Fatalities after hatching

Please describe how you attempted to breed. To include:
• preparation for mating
• Nesting Site
• Incubation
• Care of Hatchlings

02/22/12  07:34am


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  Message To: Deb12   In reference to Message Id: 2256370

 Water dragon project


You might get better luck if you post this in the main Water Dragon forum - more members visit that one


02/29/12  06:47pm

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