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 Mating question!!!!

Ok I had my female and male out today,, near each other.. and the male was bobbing his head at her., now him doing that,, does that mean hes being defensive or trying to be attractive to her??
So then she ran under my dresser and he followed her right away!! They were under there for about 30 sec.. until I got a light and shined it under to see what they were doing,, is that enough time for them to mate? how long does it take for 2 to mate?

i know my questions might be stupid, but im new at this whole mating thing!! but i deff dont want to mate them yet, so thats y i ask! i hav alot to learn yet!! thanks for ur time everyone :)

04/27/10  01:22pm


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 Mating question!!!!

30sec is not long enough for mating.

However head bobbing, waving, and chasing are typical dominance behaviors. Dominance behaviors can be displayed over territorial disputes, hierarchy disputes, and mating. March is the beginning season for mating with CWDs so it could be courtship you were seeing.

As for actual mating itself, the behavior is pretty noticeable. Your male will grip the females crest with his mouth and subdue her, then twist his body around so he get protrude one of his hemi-penises and insert it into her. You can youtube "chinese water dragons mating" and you’ll get some visual footage.

03/20/11  02:10pm

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