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 Big prob please help.

my female wd has not been well i noticed her hiding a lot.I know she has not been well wat so ever she has not grown in months.she has metabolic bone disorder and i am treating her at the moment.but this morning i woke up and say her lying on an egg only 1 tho.I put her in a lay box i use for my beardies just incase.but if u guys hav any idea of wat i should do please tell.ohh and the egg was all crushed so should i throw it out???it feels to me she has no more inside her.can she only lay 1???

06/26/08  07:09am


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  Message To: Ferg1   In reference to Message Id: 1774045

 Big prob please help.

Hey big rob C’mon over to the water dragon regular room will get many answers there ...I just check here every now and then to see if any one posted ....There are 3-4 people that are actually breding and have hatches going on right now ....lot’s of great info....on how to take care of and hatch the eggs.

come join the fun ...


06/26/08  01:09pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 1774327

 Big prob please help.

CP you are just the nicest guy ever

06/26/08  05:36pm

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