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 I’m and need help....Please Help!!!!


I have had my water dragons Bert and Bella for about a year now and they are great...Bert (who has turned out to be female) is pregnant to Bella (who turned out to be male..oops) or at least I think she is.
Everyone says give extra calcium but she wont eat a thing (and hasn’t for about 2 weeks), hardly drinking anything but seems fine. I keep the male out of her way as much as I can and he’s quite happily asleep near the radiator.
She’s been digging for a week now, can someone please tell me how long she will dig for? I’m starting to get worried about her in case anything is wrong as it seems a long time?

any information would be great

03/14/08  03:08pm


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 I’m and need help....Please Help!!!!

Sorry Julie that no one has answered your questions. More people visit the original water dragon’ll get most of the questions answered on there. For the mean is your girl doing?? Its been awhile. I hope she has finally laid.

They can take a couple weeks to lay. If they dig and dig and dig, its usually because the don’t like the holes. I noticied when my eco-earth was really moist, my dragon Rogue dug only 2 holes and she laid. If the eco-earth wasn’t as nice she dug several holes over several days. Now that was just my observations with my dragons.

You can always give some liquid calcium when she stops eating. I can’t give you a place to get it, because I had someone give some to me....check around at your local pet stores and online. You should be able to find some somewhere. You would want to look for Calcium Gluconate. Hope you come back and let us know how your dragons are doing!

03/22/08  07:39pm

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