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 Breeding Dragons - weight

Hey, Iíve had my male and female water dragons for about 2 years now and they have achieved the suggested age and length needed for proper breeding without the stress of egg-laying that an immature females body would undergo. They are quite friendly with each other and were housed in the same tank until just a year ago, though I still interact them with each other to make sure that they remain friendly and do not become hostile with each other.

But, I am still reluctant to introduce them to each other for breeding due to their weight. I know, from having bred other species of reptiles, that there is usually a preferred weight the animals are meant to achieve prior to breeding, but no matter where I look, be it various websites or even care books, I cannot seem to find the preferred weight.

Can anyone here help me out and give me the suggested or preferred weight, it seems not even my veterinarian or the local exotics pet shops know. It would mean a lot to me if you could help out since I am so desperate to breed these two since the male is a darker color with the brightest purple Iíve ever seen and the Female seems to be a reverse of the Chinese as she seems mostly blue with green stripes. Thank you for helping me out!

01/04/08  05:44pm


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 Breeding Dragons - weight

There really isnít any exact weight for them to be. They just need to be fully matured and healthy. Breeding can cause stress to the female and the male can cause major damage to the females crest, so just be sure the female has a place to go to get away from the male at times.

01/05/08  08:40pm


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  Message To: Finners   In reference to Message Id: 1569912

 Breeding Dragons - weight

a suggested 350 grams for females is what i think is good. Males it doesnt matter as long as she likes good luck.

05/19/08  07:00pm

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