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 How long does this take??

Hi.. My Harriett (CWD)has been digging for 2 days now. Iím just wondering how long I should let this go on before I get her to a vet. Iíve lost a dragon to being egg bound and I WILL NOT lose this one. So my question is how long does the egg laying process take?

I had a lay box in her viv but she hasnít been digging in that so I took it out and made the soil where she has been digging deeper.

I am just very concerned. Sheís my girl, I donít want to lose her.

Thanks: Mandi
Hereís Harriett (Donít mind the dirty water, she had been digging then went swimming)

04/04/07  01:21pm


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 How long does this take??


I keep water dragons about 10 years ago and have just got back into them, I picked up a breeding group of 4, one male 3 females, I have just been greeted by my first batch of eggs tonight, My dragons was digging about for 5 days before she lay her eggs, On another note i made up a lay box and placed it in the viv but she did not seem interested in it, until a breeder told me to start a burrow off and show the dragons snout to the started burrow, this worked for me with hours she started to dig around in the lay box.


Feel free to have a look in my gallery i am uploading some images now.

04/05/07  03:57pm


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 How long does this take??

Handsome male and some very pretty females you got there. Iíll think about breeding maybe next year. For right now I donít want to over do it. lol.

Thanks for your help..


04/05/07  05:17pm


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  Message To: Syddysmom   In reference to Message Id: 1235320

 How long does this take??

wat do u mean by a burrow could u take a pic of yours im a bit slow lol.bcause i have 3 dragons and 1 of them is a female and the ova is a male and the male is 17 1/2 inch and the female is 18 1/2 so i put some soil dwn for her but she doesnt seem bothered any help.and is it mating season i might hav it wrong lol.ty

05/06/07  01:21pm

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