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 Experts on breeding please help.

I need to know what i need to do when my female lays eggs.
Do i need a incubator? if so how much and where do i get them?
What is a lay box? i dont know why i might need a lay box can someone please tell me.
Do i need to seperate?

Please help me any information would be really helpful thankyou.

03/25/07  05:29am


Pukey Bear
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  Message To: SAMBOYZ   In reference to Message Id: 1221272

 Experts on breeding please help.

You need a hova bator incubator. They are white styrofoam looking contraptions. Have it running a week before your dragon lays eggs so that it is at a stable temp and humidity. Make sure to use pearl lite as your substrate in a tuperware container with holes in the lid. Needs to be small enough to place in the hova bator. I used pearl lite mixed with the same soil my dragon laid her eggs in here, but should have used pearl lite soil. Vermiculite doesn’t seem to work for water dragon least not for mine yet! Pearl Lite will be the better substrate. See the hova bator on top of my terrarium? Hope this helps get you started.

05/09/07  03:42pm


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  Message To: Pukey Bear   In reference to Message Id: 1275788

 Experts on breeding please help.

ive used vermiculite the last 2 times, ive got 2 hatchlings last time & 3 this time (more hatching soon i hope haha)

so vermiculite can be used so long as u keep humidity high

08/20/07  07:27am


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  Message To: Dragonbreeder   In reference to Message Id: 1410827

 Experts on breeding please help.

Pukey Bear, that is some dry looking substrate you’ve got your eggs on! Is that your wd tank under the hovabator?

Both substrates will work, as long as you keep them moist. I personally use perlite, 1:3 with water, and peat moss on top. I mist daily or as needed. As the substrate begins to dry out, I carefully add more distilled water (no chlorine) down the sides of the tub.

I use a hovabator as well, but you can make your own incubator from a styrofoam ice chest. If you do a search on incubators, I am sure you will find alot.

Yes, you must a laybox. Or, alternatively, have a really deep end in your viv using eco-earth. They need to dig a big hole to bury their eggs. If you do not provide such a place, your dragon may not lay and could become egg-bound and die.

08/21/07  11:06am

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