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Pitviper256   Kelso reptiles  

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 Help with venomous snakes

I live in guthrie, oklahoma and im looking for someone to show me the ropes with venomous snakes. I know a little bit i would like to expand my knowledge and experience base.... i own several non venomous species including 2 burms a retic and several others so anyone out there that can help?

09/13/12  01:24pm


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: Pitviper256   In reference to Message Id: 2280225

 Help with venomous snakes

heres the way i heard use tha advantage of non venomous snakes. like if you know somone with different breeds go see what kind. like if for instane like a mamba coachwhips and racers are skinny, very quick, bite alot and are very long. you can use one of those to help prepare. or for say a gaboon viper they are very stocky and short and have a huge head you could practice with a short tailed python/blood python . i mean im not saying just go hold a rat snake then go hold a mamba or any thing like that but practice it takes years or should atleast before you feel comfertable holding venomous snakes thet cant be trained.
good luck

09/18/12  10:46pm

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