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Snake master pat
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 Sudent programs and shout out

Hey everyone! Have not been on the site in a while!
I was never a huge enthougsiaste on venomous herps, but in recent years I have become much more daring, (maybe not the right word because I felt experienced enough in most cases) to handle with extreme care some venomous snakes. I am a travel enthusiast and you must imagine how hard it was not to touch every snake I saw in australia, africa or enquador (although I was a little liniennt on some herps) I hope to post some pics of my herping experiences in these places once I figure it out.
anyway the reason why I posted on the venomous forum is for these reasons:
I have felt that I was ready to handle certain venomous snakes and have caught with caution: Copper heads, water moccasins, and a broad headed vine snake, PLEASE NOTE, this is note boasting just sort of explaining my self before I continue:
Anyway I am currently completing a bio degree and phil minor at Acadia university and I intend to evolve my specialization around herpetology when I do my masters and PhD (the dream is the Black mamba ^^)
I am really curious as too where I can get experience with handling snakes or finding people to work with out of the united states or canada. I am willing to travel. Just food for thought, so if any of you know any good programs, or jobs with which I could get experience in handling dangerous herps or herps in general with someone who is experienced in such topics would be awesome.
My second questions is: I have had kept snakes and frogs for the majority of my life, I currently have a nasty RTB (calming down though) and ball python and a jungle carpet python as well as a packman frog. I really want to obtain a mildly venomous snake sometime in the next few years ( I am in residence this year so it would have too wait) I know you guys here this sort of stuff a lot so I will cut right too the chase. I would get a hognose snake, but I feel that it would defeat the purpose(no I do not just want to get bit) so I am looking at Brazilian smooth snakes or mangrove snakes( the aggression is the kind of experience I want) also on my mind are some vine snakes. As I said, I am not rushing into this but just curius, I have spent hours trying to find breeders out of canada for these snakes and looking up laws for the different provinces, but sadly I can find no information. Where should I look to contact a breeder? What venomous snakes do you recommend for a first? (please do not say get a very aggressive non venomous snake and deal with that)
Thanks guys.
ps, I don’t want any of that like "you are a ideot and such"

11/29/11  12:38pm


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 Sudent programs and shout out

Best of luck with your search ...I have no idea where to begin...however a Woma python might be the type of snake to investigate as well as a mangrove...I have seen some for sale locally in Utah and the lower 48 could always search FAUNA Classifieds and King Snake .com to purchase...shipping in these winter months will be out of the question ...but you just might be ready by the warmer months.

For hands on experience I would look to Florida and start with the guys who capture native venomous and raise non native species for venom milking purposes...

Here is a HOT site...
South Eastern Hots

12/04/11  03:56pm

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