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Royal python   Aussie Animals  
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Royal python
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 Idiot question

Sorry I’m completly oblivious to how venomous snakes are taken care of but can you actually handle most venomous snakes if you tamed them as a neonate? Or do you just defang them? I don know

07/19/11  08:15pm


Aussie Animals
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  Message To: Royal python   In reference to Message Id: 2229772

 Idiot question

No handling what so ever. The bites can be costly and taming from neonates does not help, they may still bite you. De-fanging the snake wouldnt be so good either. The fangs just come back. That is why people remove the venom glands. Yet they dont know that venom is a modified form of saliva. so when this is done the snake cant eat properly and would eventually kill the snake via hunger.


07/20/11  08:25am

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