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 Breeding Rattlesnakes

Hello everybody, I posted this message over on kingsnake but I wanted to post here to see if I get a faster response.
I just wanted to know, is the "formula" for breeding western diamondbacks the same as the one for breeding colubrids (cool them in the winter, warm them up/feed them a lot in the spring, then introduce them)? Or do rattlers breed at different times of the year? How would I go about doing this? I’ve had rattlers and other venomous snakes in the past, but now I’m interested in breeding them. Thanks in advance for any replies.


12/18/10  12:40am


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 Breeding Rattlesnakes

Breeding is similar to colubrids from the same region. Make sure the animals are in good condition prior to brumation and the chances of success are higher. Breeding takes place in the spring and gestation is 160 to 170 days or so.

12/18/10  03:08pm

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