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 Beautiful and Wild

Hey, never been here but I thought I’d share.

Today my family and I were up in the Sierra Nevadas on our way to the natural water slides when we saw something in the middle of the road. We pulled up beside it, a 4 foot timber rattler with a diameter of about 3 in basking in the middle of the road. We stopped an approaching car that was heading right for it. I have never been that close to one of these and it was absolutley stunning. He sat there for several minutes and we were worried we might have to go shoo him off the road. Luckly it eventually slithered off the side of the road and we didnt have to disturb him. I smacked myself for not having my camera with me. We were glad that he survived (and that the other car was kind enough to wait for him). We will be heading up there again on Saturday so I’ll bring my camera just incase we see more so I can share with you guys.

We saw many critters, but that was by far the most exciting and beautiful!

We actually saw another, but as we were turning around to go back to it a car whipped around the corner and smished him. We think it was a smaller timber rattler but we didnt stop and look (was a little messy and sad :(

08/13/10  12:52am


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 Beautiful and Wild

I am sure the rattler appreciates your efforts :)... Really cool story, Thanks for sharing it with us. Too bad about the one that didnt make it. I hope you see others today so you can snap a pic or two.

08/13/10  07:26am

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