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 Where can I get a king cobra or cobra?

anybody selling cobra?

06/12/10  04:18am


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  Message To: Drgx3   In reference to Message Id: 2155109

 Where can I get a king cobra or cobra?


06/12/10  07:38am


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  Message To: JEFF QUARLES   In reference to Message Id: 2155119

 Where can I get a king cobra or cobra?

when i was little i wanted a hipo, but then i grew up. you should do the same!

06/12/10  09:32am


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  Message To: Bruja51   In reference to Message Id: 2155130

 Where can I get a king cobra or cobra?

yea lots of people are selling them just not to a child like yourself.

06/13/10  03:52pm


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  Message To: Jparker1167   In reference to Message Id: 2155434

 Where can I get a king cobra or cobra?

Quick story when i was younger i started my venomous fascination about age 14. I lived in Northwest Indiana and at the time it was legal to keep them without a permit. Looking alot older than 14 I had no problem getting them without any questions. I started with a copperhead i keep for about 6 months and then upgraded to a western diamondback.Before I knew it i had about 30 total different species that is.I really wanted a cobra because they were cool so in a obsessive act i bought 1 monocled cobra and that again turned into about 15 more captives. At age 16 I really thought I knew what I was doing until I went into my bedroom slash snake room and noticed a empty sweater box. Oh I thought as I toured the room looking for my missing occupant barefoot without a hock of any kind o wait i had a golf putter in case anything happened because i knew so well. I opened a closest and become the youngest person in my area to ever take a bite. It was on top of my foot I called Indiana poison control and talked to their resident snake bite expert who informed me i needed to go bag the snake and calmly go to the hospital. I did and from there I went to the receptionist and said snake bit. A smoggy nurse came out laughingly to let me know that there are no snakes in the area that can harm me. Until i informed him that my teenage no it all had a Naja nigricolis (Black-Necked spitting cobra) in my bag. I’m OK as I’m writing this i was airlifted to Indianapolis and anti venom was flown in for me and about three weeks and a faint scar later i could go home all the more wisely I sold my entire collection and went about learning the right way.that was the only bite i ever receive and to this day i have to think their was someone looking out for me.I know this was a long story but YES it could happen to you! Learn all you can and when you are ready to get something as venomous as a cobra the opportunity WILL present itself.Patience and knowledge is key.

06/13/10  09:04pm


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  Message To: Jeremy2529   In reference to Message Id: 2155502

 Where can I get a king cobra or cobra?

I agree completely. I think that you should first get some kind of knowledge before even thinking of getting a cobra. They are not just some lil play thing and by the sound of your question which states to me that you know nothing of what you are looking for or how to find it that means you have no clue what your doing. Take the advice and hold off til you have experience. There are classes you can take that will help you with this as well it’s not that we are trying to be rude it’s just we all have had to work our way up the ladder to working with these special specimens and everytime someone does something ignorant and just buys a cobra because he thinks that this is just a normal little rat snake it comes back on us, new laws and makes it harder for us to keep in the hobby because of someone elses mistake. Everyone on here would agree that is the reason we have to jump through hoops to keep our collections and we don’t wan’t to lose them cause someone was trying to act cool by getting a cobra. Just get the experience is all were asking for your sake as well as ours.

06/30/10  01:00pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Papi   In reference to Message Id: 2159604

 Where can I get a king cobra or cobra?

I’ll admit, as much as I adore snakes, I wont keep any venomous snakes. Kudos to the experts here who do, and do so responsibly. Its not that I am afraid of them. I have been camping and woken up to see a baby rattler which my husband carefully removed with a stick, coffee tin and paper plate and released up the hill a ways to an over grown sunny rock (It was sitting in a patch of sun trying to get warm, but was still cold).

Some things I think you need to ask yourself are:
1. is there a local emergency room that has what I need in stock, or can get it quickly in case of envenomation? (Even very experienced herpers can get bit)
2. Can I house it in a way no one else can get to it and get bit?
3. Do I really have the skills and techniques to deal with cleaning its water and cage regularly and safely? Or will this snake end up living in filth because I don’t want to risk getting bit?

And yes, you can get a snake who’s poison sacks are supposedly removed...but this is cruel to the animal, and there have been cases where the snake has still been able to envenomate. Pets are not status symbols. They are creatures who deserve our respect. Keeping venomous snakes REQUIRES extra responsibility. Failure to give them the respect they deserve may result in someone receiving a Darwin award- and usually the death of the animal when its taken away by local officials. Then laws are enacted and folks who are responsible handlers loose their collections.

07/09/10  07:01pm

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