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 Help please. since I have had my uros they haven t grown much

my Moroccan uromastyx are approximately 1 year old. I have had them for approximately 6 months. in the time I have had them all they do is hide away. we literally have to get them out of bed in morning an most of time they just go back.

Viv is 4.5ft x1.5x1.5
100wat bask light spot heat on log 130’
hot side 40’
colder side 31’
4ft uvb bulb euro range 10%if

yeah veggies. lentils.

occasionally ull see them eat. but they mostly just hide away an sleep. they have grown about 2cm since had them but actually lost weight in last 4 months.

took alot of there hides out so they can hide. but the sleep one left in so there always in there. becoming a joke and a none pleasure to own because I feel sorry there clearly not happy 😑

12/12/17  06:27am

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