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 Baby Uromastyx ::Need Advice::

64"x29"x35" terrarium
2 4ft 10.0 UVB bulbs
1 53watt Phillips flood light
Substrate:white proso millet
Substrate temperature 90*F
Basking surface temp 120+
Ambient temperature (hot side) 95*F (cool side) 83*F
We have a baby moroccan uromastyx, he/she is about 3in long. Got him from Ty Parks. Any suggestions on the enclosure would be greatly appreciated. Appetite is there, we have fed him/her kale, mixed greens, bok Choy, and dandelion for a treat. We have had uro for exactly 4 days. He/she seems to be acclimating fairly well. Loves to venture around enclosure. We also put a blanket over the glass part. Any other tips or advice please let me know. We didn’t know he was going to be this small. So we are pretty worried.

06/16/17  01:07pm

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