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 New Uro owner - Possible tail rot

Hey all,
So i bought char (red mali uro) from an expo on sunday. Admittedly, he is my first reptile. Absolutely fell in love with him at the show. However after doing more and more research about these guys it looks like he may have tail rot which has me extremely concerned. Could he incur tail rot so quickly? Or did i purchase him with it without noticing. Either way i want to get it remedied as quickly as possible. I will post pics. Currently he is in a 40 gal breeder tank with millet seed as his substrate. The hot side of the tank reaches 90* with his basking spot being 115-120. I have a 150 basking lamp and a 10.0 uvb mini bulb. I have been having a terrible time keeping his humidty down, it reaches 50 during the night and and is around 30-35 during the day with lamp on. I live in upstate ny in the hudson valley and it has been miserably humid lately. I am very new at this and still have much to learn so any advice at all is very appreciated. Thank you! *edit* can someone please tell me how to post a picture on here? I click image and all it does is put a weird spelling of it on here. Thanks again.

04/28/17  01:50pm

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