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 Baby Yellow Nigerian not eating

Hi there! Brand new to this site as well as to uro motherhood... we got a hatchling yellow Nigerian uro about a month ago from our local reptile store. He has been doing good except for the last week or so
Lately he is completely uninterested in food and really really sleepy acting. At first we tried changing food incorporating some carrot and some collard greens into the spring mix the reptile store recommened. This worked initially but now he’s uninterested in that as well and all he wants to do is nap. I read many posts on here and uro wiki and we discovered our tank was way way to small so it has been ungraded and his substrate changed to paper towel. While this has been going on he seems to be still pooping so I’m not sure if he’s maybe eating a little something when we aren’t paying attention? Not sure. I am open to suggestions as we have become super attached to the little guy and I really want to seem him get active and happy again :(
Some background information for you guys as asked:
1) How long have you owned the animal
Around a month

2) Dimensions of the enclosure you are using. Measure it- do not guess or give gallon size
When we first got him his was in a small 12x 12x 12 but we read recently that is all wrong and got him a new tank
50 gallon tank
Measures 3ft by 14-16 inches and around a foot tall (floor to tank)

3) Species (if known), length, and weight of the animal
Yellow Nigerian uromastyx
Don’t know his weight but he’s about 4-5 inches long

5) Basking spot temperature and how that temperature was measured
Wall thermostats in cage
There is a wall thermometer in the cage he was in as well as the new cage
In the old cage his basking spot got between 130-135
In the new cage it seems to be sitting right around 110 so I am going today to get a stronger bulb.

6) Temperature throughout the rest of the enclosure (warm and cool areas) and how these temperatures were measured e.g. digital thermometer, stick on dial thermometer. Provide the nighttime temperatures as well.
Not sure of night temps or exact temp throughout... tank is nice and warm feeling but I don’t have an exact number

7) Acknowledge whether you are using a UVB bulb and if so, the brand, age of bulb, and distance from the bulb to the uromastyx
Yes using a UVB bulb
Brand is "all living things" the bulb is brand new we got it when we switched him to the larger tank and sits on top of the cage so about a foot above him

8) Diet items being fed and how often each item is fed
Fed twice a day. Mix of collard greens and spring mix as well as carrot from time to time

9) List of the supplements being used, how much is used, and how often the supplement is used
We’re told to use a calcium dusting periodically

10) Type of substrate (cage bottom material). If this is sand, state whether it is calcium sand
He was in wood chips (pet store recommendation) but that has been changed to paper towel because of his size.

11) Describe your animal’s daily routine. When it exits the hide, when it retreats for the night, how long it is usually out throughout the day, is it active during this time, how much time does it spend sitting on the basking spot….
Up until a few days ago he was very active. Usually up as soon as his lights are on he comes out to basque and then hang out in his plants/preach or in his hide.

12) Describe your animal’s appetite.
Again up until a few days ago he has a good appetite but as of a few days ago he doesn’t want to eat at all. Simply lays and naps on top of his greens

13) Describe any unusual behaviors you are seeing or any recent changes in behavior. Also note whether any recent modifications have been made to this animal’s environment. e.g new enclosure, move to another room, new heat bulb....
He seems super tired and uninterested in food. Doesn’t want to come out of his hide. And when he does he simply lays around asleep. We got him a larger cage after a few post suggested this could be the problem so I’m hoping that helps but I really need suggestions. Since moving him tanks he seems to just push himself around the warm part of the tank. Which is why we’re so concerned.

14) Describe how often this animal is handled and the type of handling.
We try to handle him daily. He likes to sit and relax with us on the couch. But we have been trying to leave him be since he hasn’t been acting normal.

15) State whether the animal has been to a vet, when that was, and whether the animal was diagnosed with a medical condition. Also state whether the uromastyx has ever had a fecal check. If so states when the fecal check was done, what was found, and if medication was prescribed.
We just got him and he’s just a baby so he hasn’t seen a vet but I can find one if need be

02/01/17  08:08am

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