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 Runny nose?

I know with many reptiles that a runny nose is a sign of respiratory infection but it is normal for uromastyx to have salt discharge. Today I noticed a clear liquid in one of my uro’s nostrils and I could see it kind of go in and out as he was breathing, like a sick child before their nose is wiped. It didn’t actually drip down his face or anything like that, just moist in the nostril area.

My question is this, does normal salt discharge start out clear and then dry into a white salty crust or does it start out looking milky? I’m not sure if this clear fluid is something I should be concerned with.

He is estimated to be five months old and I’ve had him for two weeks. Since he’s so small and new I haven’t handled him much, in order to allow him to acclimate to his new home, so I don’t know how long this has been going on.

He has been rubbing his face a bit but I think that’s either related to shedding (he has a little loose shed under his chin) or he is rubbing the salt off his face.

He eats multiple times a day so his appetite seems to be good.

01/21/17  05:18pm

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