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 2 year old male yellow Uromastyx not eating vegetables

I’m really hoping someone can give me some advice on a fairly active Uromastyx who will not eat vegetables. I have a male yellow Uromastyx that is about two years old now and is really eating little to know vegetables whatsoever. I’m using birdseed for his substrate because I’ve read that many types of sand substrate can cause impaction. He has no problem eating the birdseed, but he completely neglects his vegetables, like a child would. I’ve tried bok choy, green and red butter lettuce, plus a spring mix, and I’ve only noticed him eat maybe a few pieces of vegetable in the week and half that I have had him.

I’ve had him lay in a small tub of distilled water for half an hour a couple times to make sure he stays hydrated, but I’m worried that might not be enough. I’ve had one Uro before this one who always got up on his own whenever I turned the basking lamp on, but this one does not and also goes to sleep very early compared to my older one.

  • 1. Owned Uro for 10 days

    2. 40 gallon tank - 36L by 18W by 18H

    3. Yellow Uromasytx, maybe 8 inches, and weighs 55 grams I believe

    4. Only one Uro in tank

    5. Basking spot is a little over 120 degrees fahrenheit

    6. Rest of the enclosure is normally 80 degrees fahrenheit

    7. 10.0 compact UVB fluorescent bulb that is about 8 inches away from basking rock

    8. I’ve tried bok choy, red and green butter lettuce, and spring mix

    9. Using a calcium supplement once every 3 days

    10. Bird seed substrate - Daily Blend for parakeet, canary, and finch (walmart)

    11. My Uro usually doesn’t come out of his hide on his own until late so I wake him up by taking away the hide cover around 8 or 9am. It usually hangs out till about 5 or 6pm. It is regularly active when out except he does retreat to the hide at times. I can’t give an exact estimate of how much time he spends on the basking rock.

    12. About 95% of his appetite is the bird seed as of now.

    13. I have not noticed any urination whatsoever, and the only excriments I’ve noticed are very small and dry turds that are about half an inch in length or slightly longer. I moved him to my room from the living room three days ago because I figured it may help him and his appetite because he does not like being touched. He always runs away really fast if I try to take him out of his tank. I am using a new 150W Reptitank heat lamp as well..

    14. I take him out and hold him at least twice a day if I can.

    15. I took him to the vet 3 days ago and the doctor performed a visual and tactile examination and did not find anything wrong with him physically. I just noticed yesterday though that he is missing the toe nail on his right foot. A fecal check never occurred.

  • 01/09/17  04:14pm

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