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 Rescued Saharan Uro

I rescued an adult male Saharan about 6-7 months ago. He had been abandoned by a university student and literally had nothing, no enclosure, no heat, no food, nothing. We brought him home and got him set up. We’ve finally got him back to good health and he’s beautiful now! He had multiple layers of stuck shed on his head and after 2 sheds with us (1 ok, 1 good) I finally got the last bit off his head. He’s missing the tip of his tail but the rest his tail is healthy. This shed is the first time I’ve seen him shed any tail scales. Is it normal for him to he shedding his tail for the first in at least 6 months? It’s shedding well, nothing seems stuck but the bottom row is a little white-ish. We give him short baths once every 2 weeks or so and I make sure he is completely dry before putting him back. Ive been told during a health check that it’s not tail rot, is it just part of his shed? It’s the first time I’ve seen it go white.

12/06/16  02:52pm

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