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 Uromastyx Help Please

Hi there!

I got my first uromastyx about 2 months ago and while I’m no stranger to reptiles, uros are very new to me. He’s a yearling and seemed to be adjusting well at first I suppose however I’m curious and concerned...
Lately he has been not eating very much and sleeping most of the day. He’ll come out to bask a couple of times a week but just seems really uninterested in food. My best guess is that he eats once a week. I put fresh food out twice a day and observe him, but try hard not to disturb him as he is very threatened by my presence when he is awake. He was shipped from FL to Co and the season is changing quickly, though his temps in his enclosure are optimal and have not changed. Is he brumating or is there something worse going on? He seems OK, not dehydrated but I’m just worried. Any insight is so very much appreciated.

Long 40 gal.
Two hides (hot and cool side)
Cool side: 85 F
Hot side: 101 F
Bask area: 115 - 119 F

11/26/16  07:12am


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 Uromastyx Help Please

Im not a uro expert but I have had them in my care short term for a friend.
#1 this forum is pretty dead ...get on facebook and get onto some uro forums
they feel and can sense atmospheric pressure changes...especially in the winter of my state Utah... and you in Colorado at an even higher elevation ( I’m at 4200ft) My iguanas always go thru this slow down phase regardless of optimal temps.

If you wish to play with UVB lighting I would recommend the mega ray mercury vapor lamp or the arcadia T5HO 12% linear lamp. both of these lamps out produce anything else on the market and can possibly make a dramatic difference.

If you would like to see videos and Solarmeter 6.2 UVB meter readings on test feel free to message me and or send a FR to Chris Phillips on facebook with the red tail boa around my neck acting goofy...

I have quite a few friends that can recommend a good group to get info from...I’m sure you can find one too

11/29/16  04:13pm

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