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 New Uro stressed but need to move her.

Hello team,
I’m a new Uro owner and just got a Saharan Yellow Uromastyx yesterday.
I set all the temps with an IR thermometer (125 grading down to about 86), the humidity is low and whatnot. The only problem is her enclosure is too small, currently in a 2’x1’ temporary enclosure. I’m definitely going to upgrade her to a 4’ length enclosure, but I’m hesitant to move her while she’s still stressed out from the first move.
In summary the question is this,
Should I move her to a larger home ASAP, or wait until she’s less stressed?

10/26/16  09:09am


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 New Uro stressed but need to move her.

congrats on your new friend!

All animals may react differently to stresses. Some better than others. If she is eating and acting normally currently, then I would say you could try to move her into her new home. It may be helpful to add some temporary visual barriers on a portion of the tank to help reduce stress from outside the tank. Minimize handling, yet continue to monitor closely to ensure that she is still eating well and settling in well.

11/02/16  05:50pm

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