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 Uro is only eating seeds

I’ve had this red Uromastyx for almost a year now (he’s actually my first reptile). I feed him spring mix (I take out the spinach) with some reptile powder and a few lintel seeds. He’s always really loved his seeds but the last couple of days he’s been picking them out of his food bowl and not touching his vegetables. He hasn’t acted any different besides that and I’ve tried not giving him seeds and he just doesn’t eat. I wanna say he’s at least two years old (my parents didn’t bother to ask for his age when they bought him as my Christmas present lol) but I really can’t say for sure. I keep him in a tank that’s about 45-50 gallons so I don’t think size is an issue. I really want to know what I can do to get him to eat his food. He normally eats everything and I don’t want him to have any issues.

09/04/16  12:37pm


That Uro Guy
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  Message To: Alphaseme   In reference to Message Id: 2319399

 Uro is only eating seeds

Likely your uro is missing a component of his diet, I would recommend checking out the following Link to see what you can improve. If you want anything clarified I will do my best to simplify it. -(i know some of the language they use can be quite technical and appear like gibberish at first glance)

In the immediate I would recommend you cut off the seeds entirely until he resumes eating as he will become dehydrated making it hard to digest the protein in the seeds which could lead to further complications which will only get worse. Also this time of year he will be starting to brumate -(semi-hibernation) so you would be wanting to lower the protein/seed content of his diet accordingly anyway. You can then start to reintroduce the seeds as a treat (say once a week) once he starts eating his greens regularly.

Also from you description it sounds like you have a Niger or saharan uromastyx, latin name Uromastyx geryi (U.geryi) but I could quickly confirm this for you if you provide a photo of the individual.

09/24/16  01:29pm


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  Message To: That Uro Guy   In reference to Message Id: 2319535

 Uro is only eating seeds

I’m really hoping you can give me some advice as well. I have a male yellow Uromastyx that is about two years old now and is really eating little to know vegetables whatsoever. I’m using birdseed for his substrate because I’ve read that many types of sand substrate can become impacted in them. He has no problem eating the birdseed, but he completely neglects his vegetables, like a child would. I’ve tried bok choy, green and red butter lettuce, plus a spring mix, and I’ve only noticed him eat maybe a few pieces of vegetable in the week and half that I have had him.

I’ve had him lay in a small tub of distilled water for half an hour a couple times to make sure he stays hydrated, but I’m worried that might not be enough.

01/09/17  03:43pm

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