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 Mali uromastyx sudden change in behaviour. Worried about my baby

I recently adopted a Mali uromastyx from someone who did not have the time to care for him anymore, he is about 3 or 4 according to the person I got him from. When I first got him he was a little hesitant but I let him just play on my bed and around me for a little and he started to warm up to me. We got to the point that i would put my hand in his tank and he would just walk right on up. He’s a brat and if I don’t tuck him in and cuddle him every night he will scratch his glass until I do and fill his food dish with sand. Not even kidding about the tuck him in part, like full on cozies up in his designated towel and just wants to be cuddled. Now he won’t even come out of his hide. I once convinced him to come onto my hand and then put him in his basking spot so he could get some warmth but as soon as I walked out of the room he went right back to hiding. I did re do his cage recently but he seemed ecstatic when I did it. Never left his basking spot except to sleep. One day I came home and he had covered everything in sand. Like I mean even somehow go it up to his basking spot which is a good ways away from the sand... I’m just worried about my little guy, I understand it may be the stress from the new set up but this just isn’t like him. If anyone has any idea what’s causing this or how I can help him I’d greatly appreciate it. He’s my little reptile baby and I just want to make sure he’s happy. Thanks to everyone who replies![/Image]

08/31/16  11:50pm


That Uro Guy
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  Message To: JuliannaSco   In reference to Message Id: 2319382

 Mali uromastyx sudden change in behaviour. Worried about my baby

These animals naturally live in burrows and love to dig, he was likely enjoying life and excavating/exploring around all the fun new arrangements you put in for him. The fact he is so desperate to get out all the time and the fact he is normally so sedentary indicates towards a lack of enrichment in his enclosure. Try adding in some tunnels/tubing for him to explore and rearranging the decor a little more frequently.

09/24/16  01:37pm

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