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 New Moroccan Uromastyx Help

1.) Acquired Harry on August 12th
2.) 36 x 18 x 12 (40 gall)
3.) U. Nigriventris, 4-5 inches? Weight unknown (small)
4.) 1 uromastyx in enclosure
5.)Standard Dial Temp gauge measures past 110F (thats the highest the gauge goes)
6.)Daytime cool end: (same dial gauge) measures ~82F, Night time ~70
7.) Basking spot has 100W powersun and 100W CHE. Top of basking platform is ~7 inches away from lights. Both bulbs are newly bought, within the week.
8.) Everymorning: Dole Mediterranean Mix (escarole, red leaf, baby kale, green leaf, radicchio) only 2-3 leaves ripped to bite size, a quarter sized helping of chopped butternut squash and zucchini, green and white lentils and split green peas smashed to bite sized, sometimes millet.
9.) No supplements used, not sure what to use.
10.) Paper towels, hide box has Timothy hay but he has never gone in there
11.) Hiding all day under basking platform, I can see him, he is always "sleeping"
12.) No appetite
13.) First 3 days he hid, but ate small amount of food and pooped, the rest he has been hiding. I have seen him out once two days ago, perched on an aloe plant I put (i hope this is ok, if not I will take out right away), the rest he has been hiding in the corner, eyes closed.
14.) I had to move him on day 2, to get him out of the way so I could put something on the basking platform, he bit and did not let go. Other than that, on the rare occasion I saw him out and about, he scrambled into hiding once spotting me.
Very hard to not try and touch him, I want to make sure he is ok, yet at the same time I do not want unnecessary stressing.
15.) No vet, no fecal.

First time reptile owner. Please advise me on what steps to take. I’m worried about my little guy.

08/19/16  03:57pm


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  Message To: Foxhound047   In reference to Message Id: 2319322

 New Moroccan Uromastyx Help

I have asked similar questions with no answers but what i will do is relay what i do know

They can take quite a while to settle in and the fact he has bitten shows he is stressed and thats why hes hiding which is very normal in the begining. He really needs to be left alone but firstly you need to get the basking temp measured properly with a temp gun my baby uro seems to prefer temps at about 130 but i do have a couple of slate steps on his basking spot which gives him the choice of temps from around 120-130.

What light you using for uv? Is thia also same light for basking?

Hiding is normal and can be for quite a number of weeks when you first get them but firstly getting his temps and uv lighting correct is the most important thing

I set up a web cam on mine and checked it everday when i got home from work he was getting up when i wasnt there

08/20/16  03:22am

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