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 New Uromastyx Owner Help Apreciated :)

Hi ive had my baby uro since may and hes been getting on fine, i use to own bearded dragons so i do have some knowledge.

The main thing i would like to know is how long is it safe for them to go without uvb the reason i ask is we had a power shortage last night and its blown the Arcadia t5 light in his tank and the arcadia compact light that is normally there as a back up close to his basking area? I have ordered both prpducts 24hr delivery but i live quite rural so 24 hr is never 24hrs lol he has plenty of light in his tank but no uv is this safe enough for a few days? (Hopefully only until tomorrow)

Secondly he is still a bit skittish we have a camera set up so we know he comes out from hiding but over the last 2 weeks he has only come put every 2nd day which is strange is it normal for them to have days that they hide had him 3/4 months with no issues but now this has started

Basking area top off basking surface at hottest point is 130 but he has choice of 3 levels between 115 to 130

Uv lighting is t5 arcadia uvb 12%

Humidity is around 20 sometimes lower

He has a more humid hide in cold side but prefers to sleep under cave rock at the hot side
Eats spring leafy greens very varied and obviously some seeds and lentils and things over last couple of weeks since started hiding every second day ive not seen him eat much but thats not to say he hasnt
He is still only around 4 inches long and doesnt look unwell when he is out stands very proud with head up

Thanks any info would be great

08/18/16  09:35am

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