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 C&C Cage?


I am looking to move my Mali Uromastyx to a larger tank. I was looking at 120 gallon tanks.

I was wondering if instead of that I could convert one of my C&C cages into a Uro enclosure. I couldn’t attach an image so you would have to look it up.

It is 6x3. It has coroplast on the bottom and grid walls. It would be off of the ground. The cage does not have a top. I could make one and be able to clamp it shut or hand the lights on a stand. Would it be okay to have completely open sides as long as he has the right lighting?

I may be able to put tiles on the bottom. The coroplast probably isn’t the best unless I can seal the edges. It doesn’t have any holes though. Would it be okay to have the sand directly on that or should I tile it? I could also replace the coroplast with a wood base.

At this point the cage would probably be a big hassle but I just wanted to ask in case.

Thank you!

08/15/16  06:34pm

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