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 Mali won’t eat // has issues passing bowel movements

I’ve had Bruno for 5 years now, and he’s always been a super happy guy. He’s very sociable, loves attention, loves to run around and explore when he’s taken out of his tank, and eats a very balanced diet every single day. He’s in a 40gal tank, his basking spot/warm side of his tank stays at 104-110 degrees, with the cool side staying at 85/87. (I use a digital thermometer on both sides of his tank, and replace them once a year just to be extra safe.) On the warm side of his tank I use UVA bulbs, and also once a week take him outside to get natural sunlight and fresh air for a little while. Oh! The substrate - he is on reptile carpet. No sand or millet, this just seemed to be the safest way to me!

I’m pretty scared, because for the past 4 days.. Bruno has not been coming out of the cave in his tank.. when normally he would be out all day long up until I turn his lights off at night. He hasn’t eaten, either.. at first I chalked it up to him not feeling well because he’s in the middle of shedding at the moment. He usually gets a tiny bit irritated during a shed, but never to this extent.. not to where it effects his eating habits.
Yesterday morning while he was out of his tank, I also noticed that he keeps trying to pass a bowel movement - but he only passed two tiny parts, compared to his usual stool, this is not normal. His urine is completely clear and he passes it with no problem.. but he just seems like he may be constipated. I fear he may even be impacted, somehow. Then I remember he hasn’t really eaten the past few days, so what stool would he even HAVE to pass.. ugh! So stressful and confusing - I’m not sure at all of what could be wrong. I bought him some pumpkin this morning, in case he may be constipated (I’ve read multiple threads that say pumpkin works wonders for this sort of thing), he took 2 bites, but was completely uninterested. Again, this is not normal. He always has had a very healthy appetite, apart from being in brumation, IF that happens. (It only has twice, both times during 2 separate Winters.)

Another thing.. that might play into this - I’m terrified it might - 2 months back, bruno urinated and then slithered through it, so I put him in a very shallow bath with warm water to clean him up a tiny bit. Ever since he’s been having audible, whistle-y and nasal-y breathing. Not all the time, but it is noticeable when he runs around and tires himself out, sometimes he does it while being held. Could he possibly have a respiratory infection? Even from one quick soak in the tub? I dried him off very well afterwards, and immediately put him back in his tank to dry even more (if possible) underneath his heat lamps.

I hope this isn’t too scattered.. I just am so confused. I wanna know what’s up with my little man. He’s never had issues like these before, so I’m at a loss of what to do. Any tips/similar experiences, anyone? Any help is appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

08/15/16  04:00pm

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