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 Care for my Gravid Uro

Hello everyone!

I adopted 2 ’rescue’ uromastyx about 4 months ago now, and was told they were probably both female of an indeterminate age and had been housed together successfully for the months they were at the rescue.

I am a new lizard owner, but have been doing a lot of research for how to properly care for these 2. I was nervous as I was told it is hard to tell if a lizard is ill, and so when Pepsi (one of my uros) started acting even a little bit off, I went to see a renowned reptile vet here in Ottawa. Turns out she was pregnant, and my other ’girl’ Chai is indeed a male!

I just want to be sure I am caring for Pepsi properly during this time. I provided her with her own tank and a ’nesting cave’ and have been feeding her endive, dried lentil seeds, spring mix salad (minus the spinach) and sprinkling the food with Fluker’s calcium with vitamin D (phosphorus free) twice a week.

She has become very paranoid (running to hide whenever I enter the room, which was one of the signs that I took her to the vet for) I see she is eating as the food is gone when I come home from work, but not seeing many poops. Though even before she was more of one to have a giant poop every few days rather than go regularly, but it was hard to track since her and her mate were in the same tank.

Is there anything else I should be doing to make sure she is comfortable and receiving the proper care while I wait for the eggs? (I already have an incubator and vermiculite for that) Is there anything like temperature or humidity or different foods to help? I’m just paranoid I’m not providing her with what she needs.

Thank you so much in advance! I searched ’pregnant’ and ’gravid’ on the forum search and only came up with some pictures of another gravid uro, so I hope I did not miss a previous post about this subject... if I did you can just link me there :)

06/28/16  03:43pm

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