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Doshkman   Eris  

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 Uromastyx 18 years old

I have a uromastyx mali that is aprox 18 years old and I am pretty sure it is male; i bought it from a pet store 14 yeas ago...but it has not developed the deep black with bright yellow pattern...the yellow on the back has actually faded as its gotten older. I am posting a picture....I am just curious if that’s normal or if anyone can give’s very active...

05/29/16  02:41pm


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 Uromastyx 18 years old

That’s so awesome that you have had him for 14 years! I’m not sure if the color change is normal for uromastyx. Check his nutrition, maybe, could be lacking something to cause the color fade. But if you have had him this long, you are surly caring for him very well :)

05/31/16  08:27pm

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