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 Aggressive eater

Hello! I just adopted a Mali uro from a family looking to rehome him. I have him in a 55 gallon glass tank with a heat basking bulb and a uvb bulb, both brand new. I purchased repti sand for his substrate. It only provides about an inch of depth but I have more sand I can add if needed. His basking temp is right around 110 and his cooler area is around 85. At first the humidity in the area I’m keeping him was too high (around 50.. Yikes I know but I live in the south) but with proper lighting I was able to get it to right about 37-40. This still was higher than I’m comfortable with so I have hung a nontoxic evadry dehumidifier in the tank. He seems to be adjusting well and has a great appetite. Spends time hiding in his borough, basking in his log and hanging around.
My question is - he’s quite an aggressive eater and scatters his food quite a bit. With the leafy greens I’m not as concerned but with the squash/zucchini/other "wet" foods get covered in sand, while othe forums say no big deal, I was told to watch out for this because it can cause impaction. Any advice for keeping his food out of the sand, or should I not stress?

05/12/16  01:07pm


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 Aggressive eater

Well, first off your basking temperature needs to be bumped up to about 125-130 degrees and the cool side needs to be 90. A 55 gallon is too small for a uromastyx--they need a minimum of 48" x 24" x 24" to provide adequate space and a proper temperature gradient.

For the eating part, I wouldn’t worry too much. However, I would put a piece of tile under it so if he does fling his greens, then it won’t get in the sand. Watch him and feel around his stomach for a hard mass and if you feel one or think he’s impacted, then you can give him a small amount of pumpkin.

05/24/16  11:30am

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