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 Please double check setup and care

Hi, I just got a new uromastyx lizard. His name is Willard :) Willard is about 8 inches nose to tip of tail and is a saharan uromastyx. I have always loved this species, but never owned one before so I was hoping I could describe my set up and you guys could let me know if I am doing alright. There is so much information online, it is hard to know who’s advice to take.
Cage: a 40 gallon breeder (36 x 18 x 17) I know he will need more space eventually.
Substrate: I have a 1/4- 1/2 in layer of white millet.
Lights: He has a reptisun 10.0 uvb tube, a ceramic heat emitter, and a spot bulb. The basking site is approx. 120 degrees F. The cooler side is in the 80s.
He has a cave that props up the logs for the basking site, but prefers to sleep under the log and on top of the cave when not basking. I am getting him a cool side hide. When I got him, he seemed dehydrated and slurped from a water dish. Ive been keeping it in because the humidity has stayed low. I have been putting in a food dish when I wake up and adding veggies like endive, spring mix, some collard greens, and warmed frozen veggies. I have also sprinkled some mazuri tortoise pellets now and then. He did not seem to eat anything for the first several days I had him (but at that point I was only able to offer collard greens which I know is unacceptable). Yesterday he pooped and it looked like he may have nibbled on his new and improved salad. Does it sound like I am doing things right? I really want to take good care of him. Please let me know any concerns, tips, or suggestions you may have. Thank you!

04/29/16  11:12am


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  Message To: Ks5975   In reference to Message Id: 2318242

 Please double check setup and care

Hello! Uromastyx need to have a minimum of 4 x 2 x 2, even for hatchlings. So he’ll definitely need a bigger size quickly! It’s on a lot of chartist that a 40 gallon is enough size for them, but its really not. The uromastyx community is working hard to change that.

I also wouldn’t recommend millet as a substate; uromastyx tend to sink in it and poop in what they eat, basically. So it’s not too sanitary. You can try a clay and topsoil mix, which works really well.

The cool side needs to be a little bit warmer as well! I would also take out the water dish; uromastyx get plenty of water from their food and shouldn’t be given access because they walk through it, have the possibility of drowning if its deep enough, and if the water stays between their tail, they can get tail rot.

You diet sounds okay. Are you taking out the spinach and kale in the spring mix, though?

05/02/16  11:05am

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