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 New to the Uro family.

We just adopted a egyptian uro and told he was approximently 3 yr old. Hes not very big at all. He was captive bred, lived with a family first then dropped at a petstore where they kept him in a 20 gallon tank for probably a year. We have done all the research and just need to buy a IR temp but everything else we are good with(50 gallon breeder tank to start with, play sand, salad already made and feeding schedule all ready, Proper lighting, etc). Were not new to the reptile community, had lots of beardies, geckos, chameleons, etc. This little guy is our first Uro though. However, When we brought him home, hes just been sleeping the entire time. Is this normal? And is it normal for him to be the same size of our leopard gecko maybe a little bigger at almost 3 yrs old?

04/11/16  06:10pm

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