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 Uromastyx color

Hi! I am a new uromastyx owner. I own 10 other lizards and have owned lizards for years.
My Uro arrived by mail about 8 days ago. I have no idea if he is wild caught or captive bred. He is 8 to 10 inches in length but I do not know his age. He was sold as a Niger Yellow Uromastyx.
Upon his arrival he was put into his tank which is a standard 55 gallon tank. The temperature during the day is about 100, his basking spot is 110 to 125 and the other end of the tank is 85. There are rocks, caves, and logs for him to climb and hide. The substrate is a mixture of sand and clay. He has basking bulbs, night bulbs, a ceramic heater, and a long florescent uvb bulb in his tank. I am offering him Lentils, dandelion greens, milets, and a spring mix which contains arugula, beet green, radicchio, red and green romain, red and green chard and collard greens. I have also offered him mango, cantalope, strawberry, and apples.
I have not seen him eat since he has been here. Food is moved around but since this fresh food shrivel up I cannot tell of he eats when I’m not looking. I have a couple live plate in the cage and he goes to them and drinks the water the two times I have misted them. He does have a small water dish too.
We did not handle him at all the first three days he was here. Day 4 we took him out for less than 5 minutes. He seems fine with that. Day 6 we also took him out for about 5 minutes. Again he didn’t seem upset.
The first few days he seemed very active in the cage. He climbed everything, even the walls. The last few days he seems to be lathargic. He climbs to his basking spot and lays there, climbs down and hides and that’s it. I had not noticed any feces in his cage at all. Yesterday he finally pooped! Seems like a lot but I’m not sure what is normal. He also pooped again today but a smaller amount. I assume that means he is eating when I am not looking.
Being lathargic and not knowing of he is eating causes concern but what is really worrying me is that he has changed color. When I first got him he was dark with a few yellow stripes along his sides. He is now mostly yellow! I’m trying to figure how to upload pictures. Most lizards are dark if stressed and bright when happy so I would love to believe he is just happy but coupled with not knowing if he is eating and him not being active I don’t know if the color change is good or bad, normal or cause for alarm!

04/05/16  06:46pm


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  Message To: Catmorgan2004   In reference to Message Id: 2317717

 Uromastyx color

His color change can mean a He is now relaxed sometimes moving can cause some stress to a lizard so the color changing means he is finally relaxed.

One other thing, don’t put a water dish in your uro’s cage. Water can raise the humidity to high levels which can make them sick and cause scale and tail rot. Your uro will get his water from the food he eats. It is ok to mist but do it sparingly.

Uros also don’t poop a lot. As long as there is feces your uro is healthy. Only be concerned if it has been a week or more without seeing feces or if the feces contain stool or are dusty looking and narrow.

Also, Niger uros tend to rather eat alone or in privacy. If my uro is eating ( I own a Red Niger) and I walk by his cage he will stop, they also have a habit of scattering their food around when they eat. Uros will eat when they want to.

04/06/16  05:01am


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  Message To: ClareWillett   In reference to Message Id: 2317719

 Uromastyx color

Thanks! It’s a very small water dish, not more than three inches but I can remove it.
I just wish he wasn’t just sleeping and laying there all day. It makes me feel like something is wrong. I wish I could get my pictures to load so you all could tell me if that much of a color change is normal.

04/06/16  02:31pm

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