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Niko11   Skullkeeper  

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 Need help with my uro


I am a big fan of your website and was wondering if you were able to take a minute out of your busy schedule to help me figure a few things out about my Uromastyx? I am trying to figure out what type of uro I have. My guess is a Mali, but I can’t be sure. Can you tell whether male or female? Also, I have had him/her for about 5.5 years and although when I bought it, it was tiny and grew, it seems to have stopped growing and is about 7.5 inches in length. I have proper temp gradients and a basking spot of about 115. The enclosure is a vision cage, 36" 29" 18". I have been feeding proper greens and plants with the occasional lentils and frozen veggie mix. Mercury vapor bulb and all. If you can shed any light for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

03/04/16  10:06am


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  Message To: Niko11   In reference to Message Id: 2317327

 Need help with my uro

No way to tell with out a picture

03/21/16  11:17pm

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