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 Yellow saharan uromastyx red snalt?

I recently bought a yellow saharan uromastyx a few weeks back and he/she has seems to be doing okay. I had some issues with the heat at first since I’m in a basement but now that i have gotten everything to good temps Iv noticed today that there has been a large amount of snalt hes producing out of both nostrils but its a pinkish color and im pretty concerned about him. Can anyone help with this? iv tried to find anything about it but i cant.

02/20/16  12:54pm


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  Message To: Mcmonkeybeats   In reference to Message Id: 2317143

 Yellow saharan uromastyx red snalt?

Can you get some pictures of it?

Also, can you answer some of the questions that the four provides? It might help us figure out what is wrong.

02/24/16  11:31am

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