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 Odd toes??? Help much appreciated

For quite some time now, my uromastyx’s smallest toe on her hind leg has been swollen. There are two small dark spots on both sides of the toe like look like a cross between a rotted spot or something embedded in her skin. Not too long ago, the nail in that toe fell out. She didn’t/doesn’t seem to be in any pain but I’m worried. The outer toe on her upper left leg is now starting to swell and is sporting the same dark spots in both sides of her toe as well. Any ideas as to what it is?

01/06/16  08:09pm


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 Odd toes??? Help much appreciated

Stuck shed must’ve caused it if not nutrition problems but I commonly see toe/tail problems like this from stuck shed. The limbs fall off and just keep it disinfected until it properly heals.

01/06/16  10:13pm

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