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 It’s been awhile!

It’s been awhile since i’ve been on, and that’s a good thing!
I, unfortunately, tend to only hop on if Smaug is in trouble!
He’s approaching his 1st birthday this January (WOW!)

Smaug has long been use to his habitat, however, I started introducing new decor and things for him to hide in/climb and he’s liked them for the most part. His diet hasn’t changed much outside the fact that i’ve learned that the stubborn guy only likes spring mix and LENTILS. We try grinding and introducing appropriate new veggies like - prickly pears, yellow/green peppers, endives, pumpkin and small amounts of kale to which he doesn’t eat any of those...

I figured it has gotten cold here in the south finally for Winter and I bought him a no-light heat emitter for nighttime and that would help him eat but no dice. My fiance seems to think he’s impacted, however, I haven’t done any loose substrate outside of NO SUNFLOWER SEED mix of bird seed and he rarely ate those and he’s been changed back to carpet for some time now...
He also hasn’t been pooping like he use to but I’ve felt his belly and it doesn’t feel hard? And I figured since he’s not eating, he won’t be defecating much either...

Basically, I feel like i’ve eliminated impaction, he gets his favorite food and he just doesn’t come out to eat as normal?
Any ideas? OH! He’s also been shedding quite often lately but has since stopped for the past couple of weeks.
Any relation to that and any suggestions are welcomed please and thank you!

12/19/15  11:52pm

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