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Lego Movie Dude   Uro_Master  

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Lego Movie Dude
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 My Uro isn’t eating.

I have a Uromastyx named Spike and he doesn’t eat much of anything. He will only eat dandelions and pea pods, but he almost never does. I did try to feed him other foods like cactus pears, apples, lettuce, tomato, and flax seeds, but he rejected those foods. I have had him for over a month now and is not fully grown yet. He has a 50 gallon tank and a 110 temperature. He is pooping and seems healthy but I still want some help. He doesn’t really eat on a regular basis.

10/15/15  08:19pm


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  Message To: Lego Movie Dude   In reference to Message Id: 2315230

 My Uro isn’t eating.

Try doing research. That’s what I did. My Uro eats radicchio and other various greenery. I usually toss him a couple of crickets and a give him on a regular basis leafs from spring mix salad. The salad is for humans but lizards eat it too.

Good Luck!

01/06/16  05:27pm

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