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 Uro identification

Hello all,

I just brought home this beauty and i’m having trouble getting a positive ID on her. She’s 8 years old and about 10" long.

I’ve heard reeeeally small Egyptian and Dispar Dispar but i’m open to other suggestions.

09/28/15  09:17pm


That Uro Guy
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  Message To: Aazs314   In reference to Message Id: 2315034

 Uro identification

That is a very small (if it is indeed 8 years old, 12-14 inches is more typical) U.d.maliensis (Uromastyx dispar maliensis) -(there is some debate about whether it has full species status or not so you may see it referred to as U.maliensis but until I can find anything concrete I will use the original classification) known more commonly as the Mali Uromastyx. They can be told apart from their very close relation U.d.dispar by the pattern on their back, mali uro’s always have that honeycomb like pattern over their back which U.d.dispar lack. It looks to be a female (pretty sure on this) and seems to be in good health. (I noticed it was/is in shed, be careful to monitor for stuck shed, mineral oil can be used to loosen off any suck shed and build ups). Aspen is an ok substrate, but you need to provide a much deeper layer. A layer of at least 2-3 inches will allow her to burrow and add a big level of enrichment into her life. But a word of warning, with loose substrates it is VERY important to make sure any remotely heavy items are properly supported or resting on the bottom of the tank. bricks or pieces of wood can be used to prop things up if you wish to allow them to burrow underneath. The reasoning behind this lies in their tendency to dig under objects and I am aware of numerous cases where an unfortunate uro has burrowed under an object as they are inclined to do only to have it collapse and crush them.

If you don’t mind me asking what are your ambient and basking temps? It is important to get these right as incorrect tempteratures can lead to a multitue of ailments incliding RI’s and tail rot. I also couldn’t see any source of UVB in the terrarium, this is very important for these animals. A good source of UVB (and probably the best out there) is Link the arcadia 12% D3+ flourescent tube. You will also need to purchase a stater for it. From the pictures the terrarium also looks very small, I would suggest investing in a vivarium of an absolute minimum 3x1.5x1.5 (A 4x1.5x1.5 or biggeris a far better size though) if you have not already, although a large expense you have to remember these are active animals and will use all the space you can give them. Also achieving adequate temperature gradients and a large/hot enough basking spot necessary for the animal to thrive is not possible in a smaller vivarium.

If you have any questions regarding husbandry, don’t hesitate to ask.

11/14/15  09:17am

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