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 Temporary enclosure

Hello all,

I am new to uromastyx but not reptiles, my wife and I currently have 3 green iguanas. One of her friends knows that we are into reptiles and asked if we would rescue a uromastyx that they had found. Apparently it was caught in a warehouse where her husband works so we have no prior knowledge of any problems medical or otherwise that it may have.

The uromastyx is about 9" long, we haven’t weighed it yet and when we got it it was a little chilly. I am in the process of making a permanent enclosure for it. I have 90 gallon tank that is 48"x18"x21" that will be used for the enclosure.

We currently have it in a fabric pet carrier as a temporary set up with a small hide box, a hot pad for temporary heat and a light so it can see to eat and climb around. I want to minimize the amount of time that it spends in the temporary set up but also want to get the permanent enclosure set up permanently set up so I don’t have to redo it and cause the uro more stress. My main question is what is the longest I should keep the uro in the temporary set up?

Any info and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


09/23/15  11:06am


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  Message To: FL Mach 1   In reference to Message Id: 2314981

 Temporary enclosure

Minimum temps should be around 85-90 during the day... under best case scenario a basking spot of 110 -130 f
Thats hard to accomplish in a temp fabric container... the sooner you get the Uro into a warmer climate the better... 2 weeks tops ?

The fabric carrier is bleeding out all the heat... please hurry.

there are a lot of care sites out there... do some basic research and get crackin...

Best of luck to you

09/24/15  11:12am


FL Mach 1
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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2314993

 Temporary enclosure

Normally I would have an enclosure already set up but my wife told me on Tuesday that she was bringing him home for rescue.

I should be finished with the enclosure this weekend minus a MVB for UVB, it’s on the way. I’ll post up some pictures of the tank once it’s finished.

09/24/15  04:37pm

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