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 Shedding and other stuff

So this is the second uro that I’ve owned, the first one was full grown, so I guess that’s why I never dealt with him shedding, I didn’t know they shed their old skin when they grow. I also am understanding that maybe I shouldn’t be using bird seed and should be using play sand for her to walk on. My question is, how long does it take for a full shed, it seems like it’s happening really fast. I’m sure that I need to let it just fall off and not pull it off either. I’m also looking for someone that can identify which type of uromastyx she actually is, any input would be helpful, thank you

09/07/15  10:35am


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 Shedding and other stuff

Yes, never rip off her skin, however temping it might be to you. Ensure that your uro is well hydrated on a healthy diet of organic greens and has proper temps. My 10 y/o uro takes forever to shed sometimes, and it seems his shedding patterns have changed with age. When he was young, he shed much faster and was much more active. Now hes fat and lazy , but still sheds every year, and for quite a bit of it. But make sure she is basking and take him off of the bird seed; as switching to tile or washed and dried playsand would be a much better alternative. Also, something that is somewhat abrasive should be in the enclosure with the bottom completely submerged to the bottom to make sure that it doesn’t fall over and squish your uro. This will allow her the natural roughness she needs to aid with shedding. I have a medium-sized seashell that he crawls on to access the basking rock, this allows him to choose what to do instead of just ripping it off.

11/14/15  11:40am

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