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 Brand New Red Uro! New owner need guidance!

I am now the brand new and first time ownner of a beautiful red niger Uro named Mushoo, but i need some advice.

First off his tank. It belonged to my biology teacher’s past Mali Uro named Chubs. Chubs was very healthy and ate and i had the honor of taking care of him over the summer until he died ( at the age of 15 ). the tank is pretty tall around 3 feet and the length is about 2 feet. widith is around 2 1/2 feet.

For his heating, his cage is 90 degrees ferinheight and basking area 100. his cool spot is around 80 85. at night i turn off the light but leave the bottom heating pad on. at night his tank is 80 ( cool spot going down to 70 65 ). I use the same bulb as his breeder did UVB.

His food i make sure it is healthy. i have done reasearch and most of the sites say romaine lettuce, collard greens, kale, as well as a little bit of squash and Zucinni. he has a seperate container of millet seed in the corner. i use no insects and no water dish, but i do mist his food every morning lightly and remove any dried or old greens.

His beeding is a mix of dry ecoearth and grounded walnut shells. i just realized that it was not such a good idea but no problems have surfaced so im going to wait for about 6 months before i completly remove the old beding.

he does have a hide box and branch to climb on but I am going to add a flat rock in replacment of the branch for my gecko.

My concerns are that he hides mostly during the day and sleeps A LOT i do not know if he is nervous i have had him since the 24. he does go so i do not think he is constipated and there is no signs of scale, mouth, or tail rot. he is getting rid of the salt through his nose as seen by the white crusty parts around his nostrils. I do have a cat though, is he intimidated by her? if Someone can help me that would be great :)

07/26/15  09:10am


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  Message To: ClareWillett   In reference to Message Id: 2314329

 Brand New Red Uro! New owner need guidance!

uros hide a lot... especially if they are not used to you and the new environment. And yes the cat can be a large factor. with time and familiarity he will come out more.

How are you measuring the temps ... dial gauges stick on tape or more accurately a pocket temp gun.

pocket temp gun
Now on sale...10.99 down from 11.99 Go get 1 if you don’t have it.
Just out of curiosity ...what UVB lamp specifically are you using?

Temps at the basking spot should be 10 degrees or 20 higher...110-120F And I don’t understand why you let it go so low at night? 65 F ...serious? 75 is fine

read this article to see where I am coming from

Care sheet

walnut shells... ugghhhh scares me... but you are the master of his house. i would get some childrens playground sand instead personally.

Romaine is great for water content... but not nutritionally. here is a great food chart that I have crossed over from my beardies to the iguana and to uros as well...
Beautiful Dragons
gain from it what you can ...and see the Ca:P ratios to help guide your choices.

Just because I sometimes doubt myself i looked up the Niger is another care sheet

Red Niger

07/26/15  02:17pm

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