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 Glass dancing uromastyx

Ok guys I have a uro and since I got her a few days ago she’s been glass dancing alot no idea why. I have her in a 75g tank which is 48x20somethingx17 I think I’m not fully sure I’ll have to measure. Hot side is 110-120 and cool side is like 80-90

07/18/15  01:35pm


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 Glass dancing uromastyx

Mine glass dances a couple times a week and I’ve had him for almost two years now. Sometimes I think it’s just a thing they do. A bit of it could also be your girl getting used to her new environment or being bored and trying to entertain herself. My guy is a Saharan and everyone says they don’t like to climb, but I noticed after I built up areas around the back and sides of his enclosure for hides he spends more time climbing them all than in the hides. His glass dancing is also less frequent when he spends time climbing around. I don’t know what your setup is like, but if you want to try building up climbing areas with hides I can take a few pictures of my setup to show you what I did. Mine doesn’t go higher than 6-8 inches from the bottom of the tank, but things are spread out and stepped since uros have tiny chub front legs. The important thing is to make sure everything is very sturdily in place so nothing can be moved or fall over on them. Another option is a "sandbox". I use repticarpet and stone tile as substrate, but will sometimes give him a big shallow dish of millet or birdseed to dig around and make a huge mess with.

07/20/15  02:20pm

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