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 Severely Stressed Uromastyx!

Ok, so I just purchased 2 brand new baby Mali’s on July 4th! I must admit I had to travel pretty far to get them and the car ride was a rocky one on the way home. When I first brought them home I had them setup on the floor, for like 2 days, and my little dog kept scratching at the tank cause he was interested. They probably thought they were going to get eaten! The third day I got a beautiful stand! Long story short, they won’t come out of their hiding rock. I tried covering all four sides of the tank, not handling them, and got them off the ground. I haven’t seen them in a few days and I hate to move the hiding rock to startle them. How long before you think I should check them to see if they are even alive lol? Also any suggestions on how to make them feel more comfortable?
Basking spot between 120-130F
Cool side between 85-90F
Two hides on both sides
Tank size 39"L 18 3/4"W 20"T
White millet seed I use for their bedding
Small heat pad under main hide
I use 2 150 desert UVB’s and 1 150 watt basking bulb for basking area and 1 100watt basking bulb to keep the other side bright.

07/09/15  10:25am


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  Message To: Zigoosh   In reference to Message Id: 2314185

 Severely Stressed Uromastyx!

Oh yeah! They have barely eaten since I brought them home and this is going on day 6!!! Like I said I leave for work and I haven’t seen them in a few days they could have escaped and I wouldn’t have known lol.

07/09/15  10:29am


That Uro Guy
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  Message To: Zigoosh   In reference to Message Id: 2314186

 Severely Stressed Uromastyx!

The best thing to do at the moment is leave them be, and maybe leave them some dandelions in sight of the hide they are in. As long as their tail bases remain plump anf there is no significant weight loss there is no reason to worry too much. Try not to disturb them at all more than once every 3 days or so if you haven’t seen any evidence of activity. Adding some decor such as cork bark etc.. to make them feel more secure may also help.

A few things i noticed:

The amount of heating you are using for a tank that small, is phenomenal... Have you got a mesh cover on the vivarium? it should never be necessary to have a heat mat for supplemental heat.

You will need to upgrade this tank to realistically at least a 5x2x2 if you are housing both animals or two separate 4x2x2 tanks if you plan to separate them at a later date, once they reach a year or so old (apporox 10-12inches).

At some point you will want to replace the UVB source with an Acradia T5 12% d3+ desert Bulb (the best UV bulb currently on the market) as close to the length of the viv as possible.

Millet is not the best substrate for them (there are various reasons and explaining all them in detail here would be too laborious but i can link you to the relevant information if you want. The best substrate for this species is a mix of soil and washed play sand (approx 60-70% sand, 40-30% soil) adjusted so it can hold it’s shape.

With a loose substrate like millet or sand etc... it is important to remember there is a serious risk of an overzealous animal digging itself under an item of decor (eg: a rock) and being crushed. Therefore all substantial items of decor should be supported or buried so that they are resting on the bottom of the vivarium.

I won’t bother going through Diet in detail here there is plenty of information on this forum about it already, a quick utilization of the search button should yield some good results. (some of the posts by Vers in particular are very good)
But good food sources include: curly Endive escarole Rotational sources (up to 3 times a week): Frisee, Bok-Choy, Collards, radicchio, dandelion leaves, Squash (eg butternut squash) Carrot, mange tout, Sugar Snaps Occasional (up to once a week): Pulses (various raw lentils, split peas etc...) Peas (thawed frozen peas or their fresh counterparts)
This is in no way a complete list but a rough outline of a uro diet.

08/04/15  04:55pm

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