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 Advice on picking Uromastyx

So my wife and I have talked about adding a Uromastyx to our collection but I have been reading a lot about all the different Uros and I see not all need the same care. So wanted to post this question here before we buy any animals. This is not our first reptile we have been keeping Bearded Dragons, Geckos and Tortoise for years. But Uros are something we have both always like and now we feel it’s time to get one (or a pair).

My concern is we live in Indiana and the humidity is kinda high so I want to make sure a Uromastyx will do well in our area. From what I have learned a Uromastyx will do okay in higher humidity for a while but they will start to fade and their life span will be shortened for sure. I would rather not get a Uro if it means they won’t do well for us.

The enclosure will be 4’x2’x2’ enclosure with screen front door, mounted UVB and Heat lights. Right now it is ceramic tile substrate but that could easily be changed. The enclosure will be keep indoors in the winter it’s very dry with the furnace running but in the spring and summer it does get kind of humid. Sorry I don’t have a meter so I don’t know exact levels but out side its 80% most days.

From what I have read some Uros species do better in higher humidity but no one really says what species those are. Right now we are leaning toward the Ornate or Mali Uromastyx because of the colors and smaller size. I am also hoping to find some captive breed because I hear they adjust better then wild caught(plus other reason). But I’m finding very little info on if these guys will do good in higher humidity levels.

So can you guys/gals help point me in the right direction?

07/06/15  08:14am


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 Advice on picking Uromastyx

Humidity is not a good thing for these little guys... For an accurate measurement of your inside you can purchase a temp / humidity digital unit from Wal Mart ..or Home Depot for about 8-12 bucks
Place one of these in the location you desire

humidity / temp gauge

Heat lamps inside the enclosure will further reduce the humidity. If you change the screen doors to acrylic you will further reduce the humidity even more. And trap the heat better as well.
35% is max according to this site care sheet
uro care

As far as a breeder is concerned I really don’t have any info for you there. But they are out there... try facebook any uro group may have some good advice on selecting a breeder.
If you check your reptile rescues you may find one that way as well. and depending on the knowledge of the rescue they may very well have taken good care of it

Reptile expos also have avenues to seek out... even contacting a FB expo group might point you in the direction you need.

I have numerous links for proper lighting if you need them just ask.


08/01/15  08:15pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2314407

 Advice on picking Uromastyx

i do not know much about those uromastyx species. Get a Saharan Uromastyx. They have some really cool colours and they are one of the smallest species of these lizards. I would recommend that you go to They have everything you need to know about keeping uros

12/09/15  08:18am

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