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 Anyone else has a photo of their pet reptile misused on

I found an old photo I took of my Mali Uromastyx at and they use it without my permission to publicize their uro sales.

This is the link where my photo appears.

They most likely stole my photo from my Flickr album or Yahoogroups. I did not purchase my lizard from them and don’t have a relationship at all with

My Mali’s photo also appears here with other photos of uros.

If you see a photo of yours or someone you know there, and did not give permission for the photos to be used, I would encourage you to try sending a DMCA Notice.

I will send one, and so far it looks like Facebook is the best way to reach them and get a quick response. There is no customer service hotline or a proper mailing address on their website.

If they do respond quickly and remove my photo... they would have to replace it with another Mali’s photo. And I don’t know if they will wise up and stop using anyone’s nice pet photo instead of doing the right thing, which is to purchase stock photos for their business.

All the best!

07/03/15  12:18pm

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