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Stickman03   Littlefooturo  

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 New uromastyx hiding

Hi my new uromastyx Daeneyrs is hiding all day and wont eat i got her a few days ago and she seemed fine running around eating and going to the wash room then this morning she was was hiding and has been there all day she is on a zoo-med sand substrate in a 40 gallon terrarium with a reptisun 10.0 uvb lamp a 250w heat emitter a 100w zoo-med basking spot lamp on the basking spot side and a exo terra 100w daytime heat lamp on the cool side getting tempatures from 83f on cool side to 100f on warm side and a basking site of 123f night temps drop down to the 63f humidity is in the teen during the day and go to 40s at night she get fed spring mix, bell peppers ,dandylion leafs, grated carrots, bird sees, apple,and dandylion blooms as a treat i also use zilla calcium supplement i also clean multiple times a day and remove food after 4 hours this is my first lizard and i live in northen canada and i dont have much access to a vet and you alway get a bunch of different info online about these animals so i was woundering if it’s a shedding behavior or if something is wrong i would call the pet store where i got her but the last time we listened to them the animal died before we got it home from the pet store which was a 10 hour drive so any info on what might be going on would be appreciated

06/15/15  08:06pm


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  Message To: Stickman03   In reference to Message Id: 2313927

 New uromastyx hiding

Well, first of all, I’d take your Uro out of the sand substrate. I’ve read a lot about Uro’s and there are a lot of opinions out there. I chose to go with something else for my Uro that didn’t have as many negative reviews. Sand seems to be a common disappointment for uro owners. I’ve heard that rinsed play sand is the best; if you’re going to go with sand. I chose to go with Cypress Mulch and my uro loves it.

Your heating sounds good, but it may be getting a little too cold at night. From experience with my Mali, anything lower than 70 will keep him hiding all day. I bought a night heat lamp and my uro rarely hides during the day. I also make sure that the warm side is around 115f. It made a difference for mine, so that might be the issue with yours.

I also would go easy on the food options. I feed my uro mustard/collard/turnip greens mixed with the baby spring mix you get at the store. I only mix in fruits and veggies a couple times a week. You shouldn’t need to use the calcium supplement if you are feeding him a mixed diet. If anything, sprinkle the food a TINY bit once a week or so. It shouldn’t be daily. Also, leave the food in there for most of the day. I’ve noticed that my uro doesn’t eat if I’m hanging around, but when I come home from work, his food is gone.

How long have you had the uro? Mine took 2 weeks before he would eat or stop hiding. He was very sensitive to moving enclosures; now he’s fine!

06/21/15  05:24pm

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