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CCAMPBELL89   Littlefooturo  

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 HELP PLEASE.. New owner needing guidance

We rescued a Mali Uromastyx from my husband’s coworker tonight. He/She belonged to him son, who has went off to college and didn’t take him. Just judging by the research I have done over the past 3 hours, I don’t believe he/she was properly cared for.. Believed to be about 3 yrs. He/She has never eaten anything, but green beans. Looks to be some sort of sand mixture in his encloser now. I read several post regarding the Substrate and think I want to switch to millet seed. Also definitely want to get his diet corrected. Is it safe to begin feeding proper diet immediately? He/She is currently shedding. Is there anything I need to know about this process? What types of things are safe to add to his enclosure? Need to clean out his encloser in the morning. What is safe to clean the glass with? Anything that may help this transition is greatly appreciated.

06/10/15  08:53pm


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 HELP PLEASE.. New owner needing guidance

Congrats on your new Uro! You’re going to love it!

First, I would get the uro out of sand. I have mine on about 3" of Cypress Mulch; he loves burrowing in it and it doesn’t cause impaction issues. There are MANY differing opinions on substrate and "no one" will be "right". It’s a preference; though a lot of the sands have been known to cause issues. Millet seed can sometimes cause health issues because it’s more like "candy" to them but doesn’t provide much nutritional value.

Only green beans?! That is insane. Your uro needs variety in his diet; things that are high in calcium and oxalates. Mine loves eating the "Country Green" mix from the store; essentially it’s just mustard/collard/turnip greens. I mix it with some of the baby spring mix salad and occasionally mix in some squash, prickly pear, cantaloupe, strawberry, carrot, endive, bok choy, etc. This site can help you with diet:

As far as the enclosure goes, what are the temps you currently have the enclosure at? Proper heating is extremely important to the health of your uro. They are from a desert environment, so think desert. They are also simple creatures so don’t overload the tank. I bought a cool cave structure for mine at the petstore and have a piece of flagstone for basking. Other than that I have the food dish. It is best to have a "hide" area at the hot end of the enclosure AND at the cool end. They also need the opportunity to get closer to the heat lamp if they want to get warmer (something to climb on). Don’t get crazy though.

Hope this helps a little!

06/21/15  05:33pm

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