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 New Uro Keeper Advice

Hello all. I’ve taken a lot of time into researching my new geyri and I would like some additional advice in taking care of this spunky reptile. Here are the baseline information I have so far:

1.) I’ve only owned her/him for 3 weeks now, named Solaire.
2.) I have a 36"x17"x18" enclosure; however, I’m interested in getting one that is a bit longer since she’s due to grow a bit bigger. I’m just short on cash at the moment.
3.) She is a geyri about 8 to 8.5" (I couldnt get her to sit still for long), and I don’t have any instruments to weigh her, but she looks to be a healthy weight.
4.) None other than the uro itself. I used the same tank for a Chinese water dragon ages ago but the tank has since been unused, but cleaned before I moved my uro in
5.) Her basking spot is well above 120 degrees.
6.) At the far end of the enclosure I’ve had readings of temperatures between 80 and 85 degrees. All measurements are taken with a digital thermometer probe. The nighttime temps are around 70 degrees if not a little warmer.
7.) I am currently using a Powersun UV Mercury Vapor UVB 100W UVB lamp at one end angled to hit the entire tank. Brand new bulb. This bulb sits at around the height of the tank.
8.) So far I’ve fed my uro spring mix daily with random greens such as mustard greens and bok choy as staples. And also some squash, green beans, and carrots maybe once a week.
9.) I use a spray calcium suppliment seeing as VitD3 is acquired through the mercury bulb. I let the spray dry on the food before feeding it to her.
10.) The substrate is the part I am most unsure about. Up till recently I had been using play sand and then read it could cause impactions in young lizards so I replaced the sand with just paper towels. I’m hoping to change up the substrate so she can burrow when they’re older.
11.) She typically arises early morning. I turn both lamps on at about 8am and once the tank warms up a bit she emerges around 9am. She is very active throughout the day and tends to retreat between 5 and 7pm. She basks most of the morning and tends to move around for a while then basks for small intervals.
12.) She has quite the appetite. She’ll eat nearly everything in her dish except a few scraps.
13.)The only behavior in question is she rubs her snout on the rock and other furnishings. She glass-dances a lot, but I’ve read it isn’t strange behavior for how active she is (just itching to get out!). But I still keep an eye on it just in case.
14.) When I first got her I handled her quite a bit and let her run around the open space of my room for some activity, but I have since handled her much at all as she acclimates to her new enclosure.
15.) She’s very young so I doubt she has seen a vet yet, but she looks happy and healthy at the current moment.

Here are some images:

I welcome any advice anyone has for me!

06/05/15  09:56am

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